[news] SMYTE - Paradise Lost (Digital Single)

SMYTE - Paradise Lost (Digital Single 2016)

Metal Scrap Records

The debut single by Ukrainian Hard Rock/Stoner Metal band. Powerful riffs, relentless rhythm, piercing vocals, virtuosic solos - this is what you will hear in “Paradise Lost”.
The single was created in the wake of the impressions of Metal music of the 1980’s with the notable inclusions of Modern Metal.  A huge influence on writing of the song had Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack, and Paradise Lost!
Metal Scrap Records, 2016 (MSR130/DT).

All I ever wanted was just home
I was an aimless strider with no place
Never welcome, I was doomed to roam
Forced to pay for the deeds I have not done.

Yet my boat's not strong enough
and waves getting just more rough.
Taking a lie and my head I lay.

When the morning comes I'll sail away
Leaving to places I just don't belong
Looking for my golden coast
Yet I'm a stranger in the Paradise Lost.

Can't believe I have my shelter found
In the land where no one knows my name (yeah)

But my walls are still to weak
And the help is what I seek
Taking a lie and my head I lay.

[Chorus x3]


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