Origins - A LANDMARQ ANTHOLOGY 1991-2014 (2014) [news]

Landmarq, groupe de prog rock anglais, va souffler ses 25 bougies en 2015. Pour célébrer cette occasion le groupe vient de sortir sa première anthologie qui réunit les meilleurs titres de 1991 jusqu'à aujourd'hui. On rappelle le noms des deux chanteurs de Landmarq, Damian Wilson (1991-1995) et Tracy Hitchings (1998-present). Cette anthologie sort via Cherry Red Records et se présente sous forme de double cd avec aussi le nouveau titre Origins.

Landmarq - Origins (2014)
CD 1 (The Tracy Years)
1. Science Of Coincidence
2. Lighthouse
3. Between Sleeping And Dreaming (live)
4. Tailspin (Let Go The Line) (live)
5. After I Died Somewhere (live)
6. Heritage (live)
7. Turbulence (Paradigm Shift)
8. Personal Universe
9. Origins (New Song)

CD 2 (The Damian Years)
1. Killing Fields
2. Forever Young
3. Borders
4. Solitary Witness
5. Ta Jiang
6. Embrace
7. Pinewood Avenue
8. Narovlya
9. Bed Of Nails 

Disc One – 'The Tracy Years’ features a mix of studio and live recordings from Landmarq with Tracy Hitchings, plus a brand new track, also entitled ‘Origins’. This previously unreleased track was written and recorded by the band especially for this release and has been produced by Landmarq’s own multi-award-winning keyboard player and producer, Mike Varty.

Disc Two – 'The Damian Years’ includes long-time favourite tracks from Landmarq’s first three studio albums featuring the band's original singer Damian Wilson, now internationally acclaimed as a singer-songwriter and lead vocalist of Threshold, as well as for his work with Rick Wakeman's English Rock Ensemble, Headspace, Star One and Maiden uniteD.


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