Transcending Obscurity India - HALAHKUH (Death/Thrash) (2014) [news]

Here is a message from Transcending Obscurity India :
Working over the weekend sucks, but gotta do it. I won't take much of your time because this here is only a single. I'm including the band's previous acclaimed EP in this email too so that you can check out some good music which never hurts.

But first, the brand new single -

HALAHKUH (India) - Break the Shackles (Death/Thrash Metal, October 14th, 2014, Transcending Obscurity India)

The band releases its latest song and it encapsulates all what's good about the music and gives us a glimpse of what to expect in the future. This is a well-tempered Thrash/Death song laced with melodies while not eschewing the band's trademark viciousness.

Along with the single, there's also a limited edition T-shirt happening -

^It's available for purchase via Bandcamp. Phew.
Here's the band's previous EP titled 'Desecration' -

HALAHKUH - Desecration EP

Halahkuh from the city of Pune is setting the overpopulated nation on fire and for good reason - its brand of vicious yet melodic death/thrash is among the best in the region and has the potential to do a lot more. Witness this tornado of extreme metal and its debut EP 'Desecration' which is professionally recorded and presented with a concept art done by an international artist.




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