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[news] Deprive - Into Oblivion (Memento Mori Label)

Deprive - Into Oblivion (Memento Mori Label)

Deprive from Spain plays old school death metal with a strong sense of emotional expression. Very rarely do you come across such bands playing powerful, crushing death metal that doesn't completely give in to the saccharine melodies, but remaining dignified, stoic almost, and still letting the necessary emotions conveyed. Formed by the veteran of the Spanish scene, Erun Dagoth, who is a member of half a dozen bands, the music is mature, introspective and satisfying. It is nostalgic of the time when bands like PARADISE LOST, AMORPHIS, MY DYING BRIDE, CEMETERY, DESULTORY, HYPOCRISY and DARKTHRONE (first album) released their masterpieces and Deprive, a new band, manages to perfectly capture the vibe and yet keep it somewhat fresh, relevant and stemming from the heart more than any other source. The production is warm, dank and organic, a palpable human sound meant for strong yet feeling death metal fans.

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