[news] GYPSY (India) - Twisted Levity

GYPSY (India) - Twisted Levity (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, November 7th 2014, Transcending Obscurity Distribution edition)

Gypsy from the city of Calcutta/Kolkata, India are all about worshipping their rock/guitar idols but they do it with a bit of a twist - they've employed the services of Swarnabha Gupta playing electric sitar, which is a traditional Indian instrument used primarily in Indian classical music. Expect a delectable, short but memorable slice of classic music, simplistic but charming compositions and oodles of attitude and solos. In this era where most bands are trying to out-kvlt each other, Gypsy's music serves as a reminder of our roots and proves that even a bunch of humble, school-going kids can make you have fun.
This album has been reissued by Transcending Obscurity Distribution (and promoted for free) so that the band can have a future. The CD edition is limited to only 150 copies (available via Bandcamp).

Official Video (from what they could afford) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AebsMsf6Lvo
Transcending Obscurity Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/transcendingobscurity


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