[news] KEVLAR SKIN (Spain) - Transmigrator (Eclectic Productions)

KEVLAR SKIN (Spain) - Transmigrator (Brutal Technical Death Metal, 2014, Eclectic Productions)

Eclectic Productions is doing a commendable job unearthing great music from underground extreme metal styles, particularly in death metal and grindcore. Kevlar Skin are a fine revelation. The guys play contemporary death metal that is sufficiently technical but not devoid of hooks and also brutal enough to not sound dated. It's what the style needs - a balance of everything and in the right proportion. Death metal is hardly this well-rounded - more often than not, it falls prey to the school conventions and it's mostly at the expense of something or the other. This is an invigorating band, a fresh of breath air at least in the way the music is executed. Kevlar Skin do everything right by the death metal fan/critic book by offering a tad of innovation, forward-thinking yet old school depth of structuring and not failing to provide us with headbangable or cathartic body-flailing parts every now and then. Top notch brutal and interesting stuff.

Eclectic Productions - http://eclectic.net.ua
Kevlar Skin Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/KevlarSkin

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