[news] Arcandia - Lost Tales of the Nordic Warriors (2015)

Arcandia - Lost Tales of the Nordic Warriors (2015)

bonus disk

Arcandia just released his second full-lenght Lost Tales of the Nordic Warriors: Bonus Disk with all the tracks recorded during the "Arcandia" sessions between 2012/2014.
Click each track for further info and credits.
This bonus CD is for free on bandcamp of Arcandia. This album was released on 15 February 2015

All instruments, Music by Antonio Pantano.
Keyboard solo on tracks N°07 and Piano on N°05 By Gabriels.
Drums & Live Percussion by: W.J. Mitchell
Recorded at Soundimension Records Studio & Nordik Studio Lab (Milazzo) between June 2012 - February 2014.

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