[news] OUTRE - Ghost Chants (Full-length 2015)

OUTRE - Ghost Chants (2015)

Labels: Godz Ov War / Third Eye Temple / Essential Purification
Format: LP/CD/MC
Release date: 14 April 2015
Country: Poland
Genere: black metal

Ghost Chants is a twisted beast of an album. The first full-length from Poland's OUTRE, its thirty-five-minute duration is a mindtrip of the highest order and a surefire highlight in Poland's black metal of this decade so far.

The seven tracks each possess individual character, and yet amount to more than the sum of their parts: "Vengeance" is a blistering rompenhanced by a similar triumphant stride to that of their compatriots in Behemoth, while "Shadow" touches on the crazed mania of Deathspell Omega, while "Equilibrium" stirs in a writhing primordial ooze of riffs from Damian Igielski. The work of drummer Maciej Pelczar is simply stellar, whether in relentless double-bass or rumbling grooves of "Lament".

Fans may have been saddened by the loss of vocalist Andrzej Nowak, but Stawrogin who was asked to commit the vocal parts on Ghost Chants delivers an incredibly varied performance. From the chanting that marks the "Departure" to his strangled rasps and icy sneers, or a roar not unlike that of Anaal Nathrakh's Dave Hunt when he intones "Our heavenly father, who failed me!", he establishes himself as one of its kind
The production on Ghost Chants is a perfect balance of crisp and sinister, a masterful turn from M. of the well-acclaimed Mgła. Set for release via Godz Ov War/Third Eye Temple/Essential Purification Records, this is an essential release for any fan of boundary-stretching black metal, Polish or otherwise.

Outre is:
Damian Igielski - guitars
Mateusz Jamróz - guitars
Marcin Radecki - bass
Maciej Pelczar - drums
Vocals arranged and performed by Stawrogin

Tranquility EP - 2013
Thaw/Outre split - 2013
Ghost Chants - 2015

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