[news] THIRD I REX - Dead Hand (UK Doom/Sludge/Atmospheric Metal)

[Fixed Link] THIRD I REX - Dead Hand (UK Doom/Sludge/Atmospheric Metal)
DEAD HAND (US) - 'Storm of Demiurge'

Genre - Doom/Sludge/Atmospheric/Post-Metal
Release Date - June 28th, 2015
Official PR courtesy - Third I Rex

Released on the sensational new Third I Rex, DEAD HAND from US are playing something smooth, atmospheric, and still sufficiently heavy. The entity blends the aesthetics of sludge with doomy tunes and suddenly suspends the listener into a free-falling zone, leaving you completely stunned, unprepared and happy. Original music is hard to come by, but innovators exist and so does the pleasure of listening to an album from start to finish and yet finding several mental escapes via mere aural pleasure. The album is something you can't get enough of - it's time-consuming if you're trying to decipher it, but accepting it with its deviations and eccentricities is the best way to appreciate it. It's best to approach this form of music without any preconceived notions and with an open mind. Sit back, relax, find your moods changing right before your frame of mind. Escape. Retract. Contort. Collapse.

Such bands aren't reviewed often unfortunately but do try to write about the album in context from whatever you can make of it. No one is an expert. We all are but passive beings in the listening phase. Thanks!

Matt - Guitar, Vocals
Clifton - Guitar, Vocals
Stephen - Bass
Shannon - Keyboards, Vocals
J.R. - Drums

1. Resign to Complacency
2. Ground to Ash
3. Trailed by Wolves
4. Storm of Demiurge
5. 1-13-12
6. The Last King

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