[review] Crimson Valley – Halls Of Victory (Ep 2015) ENGLISH REVIEW

Crimson Valley – Halls Of Victory (Ep 2015)


The Polish group Crimson Valley keeps going on. After Phenix demo in 2010 (as you can read here: http://metallifer.blogspot.fr/2012/10/crimson-valley-phoenix-demo-2010.html) and the album Crossing The Sky in 2012 (as you can read here: http://metallifer.blogspot.fr/2012/11/crimson-valley-crossing-sky-2012.html) now the band released the Ep Halls Of Victory.
There was a big change in the line-up as the singer Bartek Koniuszewski Loki left the band and the new singer is a woman, this is Ewa Kleszcz. Further training is enriched by keyboardist Agnieszka Bodalska. The other members have not changed and are Damian Paszczak - guitar, Tomasz Bala - guitar, Antoni Mitus - drums, Jerzy Górniak - bass.

As in previous albums Crimson Valley operates in a heavy metal and power metal style very strong and innovative. At first glance one can think of a group (always Polish) Crystal Viper pushed by the female voice and rabid. But if Crystal Viper proves to be more focused on fast tracks, Crimson Valley in its demo Halls Of Victory offers a wide range of atmospheres.

Open The Gates opens with a fast tempo and melodic guitar lines are set well forward. The chorus is managed and communicates a good feeling of strength and power. A central break mutes the title and showcase solos that follow.

Ragnarok opens with a mid tempo and a relatively long instrumental introduction. The voice of Ewa Kleszcz is still as aggressive and choruses are enhanced by more choirs "grunt" singing "Ragnarok". The solos are again very good and remember something of NWOBHM.

Shore Of Nothingness is the fastest track on the album. Very direct and immediate with a chorus that remains immediately in the head from the first listen. There is also the riff of this title an echo of the "melodic death" in Swedish as the first In Flames or Dark Tranquillity. The cries chanted "We are coming home" are very successful.

The album ends with the ballad Halls Of Victory. The tempo is slow, the unplugged sound, the voice is clear. This is where you hear the keyboard for a more in-depth development of the title.

To resume, we can say that Crimson Valley is a valid group heavy - power metal with a dark side well developed. The musicians are skilled and inspired. The group can evolve easily in various securities as mid-tempo, faster tempos and ballads.

score 9/10


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