[news] MORTUARY - Nothingless Than Nothingness [out on 18th january]

MORTUARY - Nothingless Than Nothingness

Label: Goregeous Productions
Release Date: 18 January 2016
Genre: Death metal/thrash metal | Country: France

Mortuary, formed in Nancy in 1989 is certainly one of the older death thrash metal bands in France. Issued from the first wave of french metal bands like Loudblast, Massacra, Agressor...
After the release of three demos from 1990 to 1994, the band record in 1996 a self-financed 7 song CD Hazards Of Creation, which gets some good response in the worldwide underground. A lot of gigs follow, with bands like Coroner, S.U.P., Obituary, Krabathor, Agressor, Hypocrisy, Hatesphere.

In 1997, Mortuary sign a deal with the French Thunder Productions label, which releases the combo’s second CD Eradicate. Produced by Bruno DONINI (Loudblast, S.U.P, etc.), this album is the band’s most mature offering. Once again, numerous gigs all around France help to promote the CD. After Thunder Productions stop its activities, Eradicate is reprinted by the American label Pavement Music, and thus sees a release in the United States and Canada.

In 2002, after many line up changes, Mortuary record their third album Agony In Red, which is faster, more aggressive, and also more varied than their past releases, while remaining close to the band’s spirit. This impressive 11 song effort releases in France, Benelux and Russia by Anvil Corp/Wagram.

Then, in 2004, the two first albums are re-mastered and release under the title “Welcome to the morgue” by Anvil corp. 2009, during the summer, the band record it's new album "G.O.D"with ten new songs. G.O.D is the more brutal stuff that the band has created up to now. This new piece of brutality was released in June 2010 on a French label: Pervade Prod. Unhappy, just before the release of “G.O.D”, the label's owner disappeared and the album was lacking in promotion and sales. During august 2013, the band tour with S-core, Severe, Dezastre Natural, Splattered Mermaids and Cowards for 7 incredible dates in Cuba for the Brutal summer fest.

The new and fifth album "Nothingless Than Nothingness" will be released January 2016 through Swedish label Goregeous Productions. The new album is the bands most aggressive and will satisfy all fans of extreme death/thrash metal.

1. Only Dead Witness
2. Empty
3. Tube
4. Above
5. Pleasuffering
6. U-Man Slept, K-Os Crawled
7. Yesterdead
8. K
9. Morbid Existence
10. Kingdom

Jean-Noël Verbecq - Bass
Patrick Germonville - Vocals
Alexis Baudin - Guitars
Johann Voirin - Drums