[news] MY SHAMEFUL (Finland) - Hollow

MY SHAMEFUL (Finland) - Hollow (Doom Metal, November 30th, 2014, Moscow Funeral League)

From Finland, My Shameful releases its sixth full length album, this time on Moscow Funeral League. The band has only got better with each one, its doom metal bearing death metal heaviness with a funeral doom longing. It's tearing in a sense, the doleful music stabbing your heart ever so slowly, artfully, in a manner that wouldn't hurt you as much perhaps. This is atmospheric in a way too, playing with your mind, reminiscent of the plodding music of other bands from Finland such as SHAPE OF DESPAIR, PROFETUS, TYRANNY and also others like WORSHIP and MOURNFUL CONGREGATION circa 'The Monad of Creation'. This is top notch doom metal that grows on you, creeps over you while you remain transfixed by the gently throbbing, sinking music.

Moscow Funeral League Bandcamp - https://mfl-records.bandcamp.com/album/hollow

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