[interview] [english] Red Harvest - Thomas Brandt (2017)

Interview with Thomas Brandt (Bass guitar, Red Harvest) – [Anglais]

13th February 2017

Thomas Brandt - Red Harvest (bassist) source http://www.metal-archives.com/artists/Thomas_Brandt/17214

Hi and thank you very much for taking the time to talk about your band and your new album with us!
Hi there. This is Thomas, bassist from Red Harvest.

You are a legend on the underground and after a break / split in 2010 you are now once again on the run. Could you present the band to our readers?
The band is the same as for almost 20 years.
Erik Wroldsen-Drums.
Ketil Eggum aka Turbonatas-Guitar.
Jimmy Bergsten aka Ofu Khan-guitar/Voc
Thomas Brandt-Bass.
Lars Sørensen aka LRZ-Synth/Programming.

I said that you are come back and it is done with a new album. This is Hybreed that it was out in 1996 and now is out via Cold Dark Matter Records with a new artwork, new layout, a remastered version of the songs and the live gig that you have performed during the BlastFest in 2016. This is the reason why I prefer to call this one a “new record” or a new double album. Do you agree with this? Could you tell us more about Hybreed?
Yeah, it`s an old album with a new package & wrapping.
Damien on Cold Dark Matter Records asked us if he could release Hybreed again, and we all agreed to that. Hybreed was released in 96 so we are happy that it is brought back to life with a facelift regarding sound and cover. Dehn Sora did an amazing job with the artwork. I`m really impressed :)!
Remastering also improved the sound. Including part of the set from Blastfest 2016 as a bonus.

Hybreed was an important album for you because after your two first albums you have changed your style of music. You were doing thrash metal and then you moved into industrial / electronic metal. Why did you choose to step into this kind of music?
We got a bit older and developed a wider taste of music. Thrash Metal was a huge part of our lives from mid-eighties to early 90`s. When we discovered Fields of the Nephilim, Ministry, Type o Negative and several EBM bands it just influenced the songwriting instantly. This is very obvious on parts of the songs on There`s beauty in the purity of sadness album as well.

There are some echoes of Type O Negative, Killing Joke or Depeche Mode. I said “echoes”! Are there some bands that you enjoy in the past or actually? 
I don’t have limits to music these days. If I like a pop song or some brutal stuff I don’t care what people say. All the 3 bands mentioned above are great :)
It sad that Peter Steele died cuz I wonder how Type O would sound like in 2017.

In 2016 BlastFest was on his 3rd edition and it was a very cool trip because the fest was “a one-time only celebration of the Norwegian metal scene”, and all the bands, 52, come from Norway. How was to play out there? How was the ambiance and the people?
It was very cool indeed. To play together as Red Harvest again was pure magic. The audience and atmosphere described in 1 word. Awesome! Such bad news that the festival got cancelled this year.

Now Hybreed shows that you are “still living”. Have you got any plans for the future? A new album or single or Ep? Or play some dates?
We`re taking small steps, but we have some killer new songs. Plan is to record 5-6 song for an EP.  Vinyl only. So far there is no label and studio booked. First priority is Inferno Festival Wednesday April 13. We`re not going to do a tour `but rather do a few selected shows.

If you have the choice, who are the artist that you would like to work with?
If you mean artist for cover/booklet I`d love to see what Marcelo Vasco could create for Red Harvest. He do amazing work.

You are veterans of the metal scene. How did music change in the meanwhile?
I don’t think it has changed that much. But it is good to see that heavy metal is back and accepted again. The 90`s kinda killed that scene.

What did you expect in the future, for you and the band?
It is a really good vibe in the band now, and that is important for the creative process of writing songs. So we will take it from there and see what happens :)

Thank so much. It was a great pleasure. Do you have a message for our readers?
Stay metal and watch out for new Red Harvest industrial tunes in the future to come.  Cheers.

you can find the review of Hybreed album of Red Harvest here : 


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