[news] Dreamgrave - new album out with 2 bonus tracks

Dreamgrave's Monuments is now available in Digipak format with 2 exclusive bonus tracks

Hungarian progressive rock/metal Dreamgrave released successor to critically acclaimed 2014's Presentiment with title Monuments, which is now available in a limited edition digipak with two exclusive live bonus tracks! You can listen, download the new album, or get a physical digipak edition on the band's Bandcamp page.
As with their debut, the entire production is done by Gábor Vári in Miracle Sound Studios. Further parts of the series (The Mad and The Imperious) will follow each other within every 9-10 months. Digital artist Tobias Art took care of the illustration for both the cover and the digipak, just like he did for 'Presentiment' a couple of years ago.

Monuments, an EP series
"Monuments is a hugely ambitious effort. This can be seen in everything from varied song structures all the way to the vibrant cover art.  All songs show character, maturity, and strong writing skills from this group" - The PROG Mind

Similarly to their debut, Monuments is also built around a concept.
"You’re being uploaded, transformed and processed: about the tendency of vaporizing uniformization of the individual, displayed by an EP series of the path that ultimately leads to chosen compulsion to conform."

Next to the title track which introduces the main concept the listener finds two, softer melodies: Drop The Curtain is a song for people, who have hard time fighting dementia, and also for those, who are dedicating their lives taking care after their loved ones for the very last moments.

Passing Faith in Others is a love song, but not in its traditional sense. Most people are eager to build an enviable reputation. Do anything beyond their capacities to own classy gadgets and surrond themselves with flawless people. In the other way around they also tend to trash everything that isn't perfect for them anymore, or break sometimes, and don't even bother to fix or work on them. And that's particularly true when it comes to relationships. Or even worse: they choose to live in a comfortable lie...

About Dreamgrave

DREAMGRAVE is a dark progressive band from Szeged, Hungary that initially formed in 2007, and after numerous line-up changes, finally came to fruition in September of 2012. The band first released a demo in 2009, but with their new line-up, they released their first full length album entitled ''Presentiment'' in October, 2014. Their sound marries traditional progressive metal with symphonic, gothic and strong influences from extreme metal. Featuring female soprano vocals alongside both clean male singing and death metal growls, the music bears influences from acts ranging from OPETH and PARADISE LOST to HAKEN.

Dreamgrave is about dancing on a blade’s edge. Every human being is driven by high hopes and ambitions: the longer one fights for those dreams, for self-definition, pursuing pure happiness, the more fragile they become, their dreams get vulnerable, and at the end even passionate ones able to give up.

Dreamgrave is the very place where these crystallized and invaluable efforts remain...

...and tempt forever....


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