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Mexico's Blackened Death Metal EVILHEART Part Ways With Guitarist Adrian Urias "Quinquaginta" Out Now via Test Your Metal Records

L to R: Alejandro Monroy - Bass, Adrián Urías - Guitar, Adam Benito - Vocals, Rodolfo Rogers - Drums

Mexican blackened death metallers EVILHEART announce the departure of long time guitarist Adrian Urias.
Drummer Rodolfo Rogers comments: "After 13 years working together, Evilheart and guitarist Adrian Urias will take different paths. We will continue to work in our next album and we wish Adrian the best for his future endeavors. A new guitarist will be announced at a later time."

EVILHEART's latest album 'Quinquaginta' was re-released in 2015 on Vancouver, BC based Test Your Metal Records. The band is currently working on their follow up. EVILHEART completed their second Canadian tour this past October, which featured new vocalist Adam 'Greasy' Benito of Calgary's Train Bigger Monkeys.

Formed in 1999 in Culiacán, Sinaloa in Northwest México as a melodic black metal band, EVILHEART released their demo "Summoned To War" in 2001 later followed by their debut album "Dark In Glory" in 2014. That debut shifted the band's sound to a more black death metal direction, giving them a foothold in the Mexican metal scene and pushing them forward to share the stage with international acts such as Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir, Deicide, Amon Amarth and others.

By 2007, EVILHEART released "Storm Of Annihilation", an album that lead them to play their first overseas shows in Europe in 2011.

In 2014, EVILHEART released their most challenging work "Quinquaginta", which combined the melodic elements of "Dark In Glory" with the brutality of "Storm Of Annihilation" plus a lethal dose of speed. In 2015, upon signing a deal with Vancouver's Test Your Metal Records, the band embarked on their first Canadian Tour from coast-to-coast in support of the "Quinquaginta" re-release. The tour had some difficulties as two members had their visa applications denied, but in the end, the tour was a double-win as the band had a great response from the crowd and session singer Adam Benito from Calgary became a full-time member. 

 Track Listing:
1. Perfection Collapsed (4:57)
2. Misanthropic Decree (4:32)
3. Selective Extermination (5:09)
4. Rebellion (4:49)
5. Decimated Opposition (6:16)
6. Supremacy And Holocaust (5:56)
7. Postmortal Corruption (5:20)
8. Genetics Of Betrayal (6:13)
9. Quinquaginta (9:47)
10. Bonus Track: Severance (Cenotaph cover) (6:27)
Album Length: 59:30

Album Band Line Up:
Jorge Millán – Vocals & Bass
Adrián Urías – Guitars
Rodolfo Rogers – Drums

Live Line Up:
Alejandro Monroy - Bass
(to be announced) - Guitar
Adam Benito - Vocals
Rodolfo Rogers - Drums

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