[news] Minneriket - new album "Anima Sola"

Minneriket -  "Anima Sola"

(out via Akslen Black Art Records | January 2nd, 2018)

Origin: Norway
Genre: norwegian black metal

Norwegian Romantic Black Metal band Minneriket is the work of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Stein Akslen, who created the project for as much a philosophical and spiritual channeling as a musical outlet. Drawing on influences as various as punk and goth yet steeped in the intensity of the early Norwegian Black Metal scene, Minneriket came into existence in 2014.

Akslen has a profound grasp of his own pagan past and a brooding personal darkness that together let his art will itself to life. Prior to the birth of Minneriket, Akslen saw successful collaborations with the bands Blodsgard and Vakslen, as well as the solo black art expressionism of V0id&Khaos. 

Akslen has built Minneriket in his own image, shunning the formulaic predictability often prevalent in today’s watered-down “safe” Black Metal. Honest and real, reflecting both self and society, knocking down barriers and ignoring taboos, Minneriket breathes new life into the genre in a completely uncompromising manner. 

Minneriket exists in the realm of memories both past and future, transcendent of the worldly and the profane. 2015 saw the release of the debut album “Vargtimen”, followed in 2016 by “Stjerner, speil, og svartebøker…” and in 2017 the Burzum tribute “From the Veins of a Nearly Dead Boy”, which officially received inclusion on the Vikernes Burzum website. The dawn of 2018 will see the unleashing of the latest album “Anima Sola”.

<a href="http://minneriket.bandcamp.com/album/anima-sola">Anima Sola by Minneriket</a>


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