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[news] NANGILIMA - The Dark Matter (Xtreem Music)

NANGILIMA (Sweden/Spain) - The Dark Matter (Doom Metal, November 8th 2014, Xtreem Music) 

Nangilima are an international band with members contributing from Sweden and Spain. Xtreem Music owner has a good ear indeed. Nangilima play atmospheric doom metal saturated with dream sequences almost. Yet it has a creepy quality to it. In that state, good or bad is your perception because reality distorts it all. 'The Dark Matter' reaches out with its melancholic, wistful music, playing emotive doom metal similar to the Finnish and Swedish greats - the funeral doom atmosphere of the former and the melodic sensibility of the latter. This is thick, rich doom metal comparable to Shape of Despair, November's Doom, Doom:VS, Swallow the Sun, Saturnus and Grey Skies Fallen.

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