[news] DRAP (Sweden) - En Naturlig Dod

DRAP (Sweden) - En Naturlig Dod (Crust/Grind/Punk/D-beat, December 8th 2014, Xtreem Music)

Drap got picked up by Xtreem Music to unleash their brand of crust/grind/hc to a worldwide audience. More people need to be initiated into this style of music which is parallel to grindcore albeit with a darker edge, wider range of influences stemming from punk/hardcore music. Swedish bands are well known for this style of music, with bands like SKITSYSTEM, DISFEAR and DRILLER KILLER propagating it, and more recently grindcore bands like SPLITTER, AFGRUND and THE ARSON PROJECT taking it forward. Expect a combination of both here - the intensity of grindcore coupled with the crusty/punk/hardcore quality that we've come to admire of late. 'En Naturlig Dod' is a sublime record, representing the best qualities of it all, executed impeccably and produced to retain the necessary rawness without taking anything away from it. The music is brimming with palpable tension, going from one short song to the other with sustained mad fervour, fulfilling the quota of the right heaviness with needed substance.

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