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Buck Tow Truck - Death Wields A Six String

Genre: Power Metal/ Hard rock

Label: Self-Released

Buck Tow Truck is a one-man band from Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, founded by Andrew Dona. Dona's influences are "Van Halen," "Dokken" (more specifically George Lynch) and "Bathory." The name for the band was conceived by combining a typical 80's tough guy name "Buck" with what George Carlin considered to be a man's word. To him, man words have 2 syllables such as shotgun or tow-truck. While saying these words be sure to pump one's fist forward and back in a horizontal line as if cocking a shotgun, as George did.

1: The Battle Cry
2: Death Wields A Six String
3: The Freedom Cult
4: Anarchy Metal
5: Gunts
6: The Heavy Metal Warrior
7: The Nihilist And The Moralist
8: Warlock
9: 80's Televangelist

All instruments and vocals: Andrew Dona

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