[news] [ICYMI] Grate - "You Should Be"

Grate -  "You Should Be"

(out via Social Blasphemy Records | June 6th, 2017)

Genre: metal, sludge, noiserock, doom

"...it’s very difficult to find a band like GRATE in the piles of stinking excrements. GRATE masters to a great extent the art of putting a proper weight in the bottom way instead of staring ones self blind at catchy choruses and guitar solos."
(Ronnie Schmidt, Slavestate Magazine)

"GRATE is the kind of band that tries to act normal but fail in a wonderful way. If I have to invent a new genre it would be "weirdcore", but I'd rather stick to interesting metal."
(Peter Magnusson, Uppsalatidningen)

"Beautyfully disturbing music. A metaforical description of  the metal bastard Godflesh, early Prong and some Killing Joke and with a little imagination you can sense reverence for Lemmy. All this results in a loud and intense half hour."
(7/10, Obliveon Magazine)

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