[news] ALBUM RELEASE: Verlies - Le Domaine des Hommes (2015)

ALBUM RELEASE: Verlies - Le Domaine des Hommes


The worldwide digipack CD release of Verlies' debut album "Le Domaine des Hommes" has arrived and the album is available through a multiple of sources: Hypnotic Dirge Records, Throats Productions, and directly from the band. Hypnotic Dirge Records is selling the album worldwide with an emphasis on North America and Europe, Throats Productions is selling the album worldwide with an emphasis on Mexico, Central America, and South America, and Verlies will have the album available at their shows! 

Black Metal fans who have waited patiently through a slew of Doom related releases from Hypnotic Dirge Records will certainly be satisfied with this album, especially if you like your Black Metal eclectic, progressive, and avant-garde and have come to expect that sound from Hypnotic Dirge.

The digipack CD is a beautiful package, together with original drawn artwork and the original French lyrics. The lyrics for this album will not be available online, so the CD booklet will be the only place to find them. This album was released online by the band last year, but this is the first physical release of this wonderful debut album, and continues our tradition and interest in finding hidden gems that were released online, but not on physical media and with minimal promotion. 

The first 80 CD's from each webshop will receive a free 11cm x 7cm Verlies sticker with their order!

"Based out of the French city Lille, Verlies is an avant-garde Black Metal band playing dark, strange, and experimental music. Without restrictions of conventional song structure, Verlies is all about creating dark and claustrophobic music with a strong emphasis on atmosphere. Ranging from piercing and uncompromising Black Metal, to experimental jazz melodies, to post-rock sensibilities, and everything in between, the music is raw, bold, and truly exceptional. Songs change pace and vibe frequently through their lengthy playing time, using many different techniques and methods to tell their story. Vocally, founding member N. mixes ferocious and tortured screams with enchanting and morose clean vocals that truly draw you in providing some uplifting moments alongside the raw hatred and despondency. Verlies' debut album "Le Domaine des Hommes" is full of surprises but remains raw and never leaves the Black Metal vibe too far behind, instead using it as a base for their other sounds to draw from. Many bands these days try their hand at an unconventional approach to the Black Metal sound but only a few can pull it off genuinely and Verlies is one of those bands. Too often, the term "Black Metal Art" is thrown out haphazardly, but we humbly believe that it fits in this case!"

(Note: There is a slight delay at the plant. Expect your order to ship out around June 10.)

Le Domaine des Hommes tracklist:
1 - Intro
2 - Nouvelle
3 - Maladie
4 - L'abime du guide
5 -  L'Absolution
6 - Marcher sur le vide
7 - Luna Liquor

"Taking a heavy jazz and post-rock influence and melding it with emotional, mournful grimness is the base of the stew concocted by this solo project, and the deeper in you dive the thicker and more potent it gets. A sense of groove driven by the counterpoint between the bass and lead guitar quickly becomes the star of the album. It takes a few minutes of getting used to as these are usually the last instruments given heed by a band that claims to be atmospheric anything. But it's a refreshing change of pace that injects a dynamic rarely heard among practitioners of the dark arts. Long, ever-changing songs make up the meat of Le Domaine Des Hommes, fitting given the role of the instruments. "Maladie" is the best example of the band's kitchen-sink approach to the music. One minute a torrent of unrelenting waves is crashing down and the next they turn to calm waters as you drift out into the open ocean, enticed by N.'s dreamy clean vocals." 
-Metal Bandcamp 

"Their sound twists and turns, churning through disparate sections and weaving many different threads and ideas into a climactic and powerful ending. Verlies is the opposite of an easy listen: it's heady, hard to follow, and emotionally raw. At the end, though, the cathartic nature of the music wins out and the listener is left feeling cleansed."
-Heavy Blog is Heavy


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